Reverse Logistics

25% of Market share in Set Top Boxes (STB) repair and 30% in refurbishment.

Today, Dixon has the largest domestic capacity for manufacturing Set Top Boxes and also repair and refurbishment services for LED Tv and Mobile Phones.

Key Highlights

Started in FY14 and have established PAN India leadership in just 2 years Refurbishment for STBs, LED TVs, Mobiles, Modems and Computer Peripherals. One of the few companies to have Panel Repairing Facility is rising ahead with Manufacturing expertise and OEM relationships.

  • Refurbishment
  • Mobile Display Repair
  • LED Panel Repair
  • Asset Recovery
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Warranty Management
  • Module & Product Repair


Repair and Rework, Refurbishment, Component Recovery, Final Assembly Material management, Data Analysis, Data Feedback & Engineering Support Current Products –LED Television, Washing Machine, Lighting Solutions, Mobile Phones and Network Devices.


Includes Paint Shop, Printing Shop, Powder Coating & Sheet Metal Plant Ramped up the business to have 14 refurbishment centres across India Centralized warehousing facility Repair facilities up to L4 products.